Class of 2009: Anne Sofie Madsen

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Maria Mackinney-Valentin

With experience from Alexander McQueen and John Galliano at Dior, Anne Sofie Madsen burst onto the fashion scene in 2012 designing under her own name. Today, her clothes are sold in European, Asian and North American markets demonstrating how her particular Danish aesthetic has international appeal. 

A graduate of KADK, she aims to push the boundaries for what fashion can be and do. She loves bringing disparate worlds together and finding beauty in what may at first appear to be ugly such as a defunct Xerox machine or a garbage bag. Through the medium of fashion, she helps bring magic into the everyday practice of dressing for urban princess warriors always flirting with the darker sides of life.

Anne Sofie Madsen shows at Paris Fashion Week and Tokyo Fashion Week. Her work has been featured in media such as Vogue, Dazed and Confused, Novembre, Numéro and WWD.





Anne Sofie Madsen
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