Bachelor Show 2018

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Maria Mackinney-Valentin
Frederik Gammerath

Thank you to Sille Ugelvig for these great words about our BA show for Copenhagen Fashion Week 2018:

“Fashion is changing, according to the new generation of designers from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK), with a new and bolder style identity leaving behind vibes of the past.

14 students convinced the crowd that clothing has no gender, no right or wrong, and no prejudice. With great variation in the collections, there was room for tulle, extravagant drapings, and shoulder pads, with models cast in all shapes and sizes, completed the multifarious show.

The designers teased the crowd with the details of their works: pearls by the genitals, totally covered faces, and androgynous models. A new generation with feelings, thoughts, and love for freedom and a desire to break free. Aiming to push the boundaries of what defines femininity and masculinity, the new designers showed their interpretation of how the future may look.

Oversize men jackets made into dresses, clothing made of shell and beautiful wool coats, complimenting both men and women. The 14 projects surged with youth and their feelings: differences and similarities, empowerment, sisterhood, and multiple identities. Every feeling that you may experience while growing up.

The body was front and center for the collections, and the styles were carefully tailored, KADK once again proving its position as one of the leading design schools in Denmark.”

View full gallery at Copenhagen Fashion Week here:

All photos Agnes Saaby Thomsen and Copenhagen Fashion Week

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