CAFxKADK: Landscape as character

CAFx KADK, Aarhus2017 and the Municipality of Lemvig have teamed up to offer a week of summer school under the title “Landscape as Character.”

About the Course
The CAFx Summer School 2017 will focus on the temporal nature and character of the Danish landscape. With reference to the 17 UN goals for a better world, we will shed light on the future, present, and past of the magnificent sceneries that make up Western Jutland.

About the Location
The participants will be investigating the landscape and seascape of the small Danish fishing industry town of Lemvig.

About the Teaching
Come explore these transformations landscape under the guidance of a team of excellent filmmakers and architects through the medium of film. The summer school will be run by the renowned Austrian filmmaker Johann Lurf as well as accompanied by lectures by the architect and filmmaker Morten Meldgaard (KADK) and the veteran architect and educator Peter Henning Jørgensen (KADK). 

About the Participants
Participants will work in groups with film, photography, montage, drawings, maps, and found objects. The final results will be screened publicly to a wider audience in Lemvig. If you are a student, a professional in the fields of relevance or if you are simply interested in the field of landscape and film and have basic experience working with film, sign up now for our summer school taking place from the 19th - 26th of August, 2017.

About the Collaboration
The 2017 Summer School has been conceived by CAFx with support from the Aarhus2017 programme and Municipality of Lemvig and realised in collaboration with the KADK’s School of Architecture.

About the Sign Up
Deadline for Sign Up is June 15th, 2017 via the festival’s homepage.