Dermoid Australia

Digital Formations
Martin Tamke, Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, Mark Burry, Phil Ayres, Anders Holden Deleuran, Aron Fidjeland, Stig Anton Nielsen, Tore Banke, Jacob Riiber, Jane Burry, Daniel Davis, Alex Pena, Michael Wilson
The Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (RMIT, Australia), Christoph Gengnagel (Structural Morphology Group, UDK)

A research collaboration between CITA and SIAL, RMIT.
Convergence, RMIT DesignHub, Melbourne, Australia.

A third iteration of the Dermoid is on display in the DesignHub Melbourne in May and June 2013. Dermoid III is  a cutting-edge, large-scale architectural installation produced in collaboration of SIAL (Spatial Information Laboratory) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Tchnology (RMIT), CITA, Copenhagen, RMIT Fashion and Textiles and the Structural Research Group (KET) at the University of the Arts Berlin.

Close-up of the tectonic principle.
Close-up of the tectonic principle.

Dermoid III
The Dermoid is a result of the two year Velux Visiting Guestprofessorship of Prof. Mark Burry, who is now head of the Design Institute at RMIT. The Dermoid project asks how the understanding of material behavior can become part of a future architectural design practice. Taking timber and large spanning constructions from short members as a case the research project had previous installations at KADK Medahls Smedie in 2011 and the Danish Design Museum in the frame of the Copenhagen Design week 2011.

The Dermoid III develops the research questions further and focuses on the calibration of a structural simulation tool that is integrated in the new developed design environment. A new established relationship between CITA and the Fashion and Textile Department at RMIT investigated avenues for a flexible skin for the pliable Plywood structure. The research led to the development of an interface between the architectural design environment and the CNC knitting machines and allows to create textile elements that are bespoke in size and material setup. Through changes of transparency the Dermoid invites to speculate about the information of a soft building skin through architectural criteria.

Light sources creates patterns of the structure on the wall surfaces.
The Dermoid III

“Convergence” exhibition
The exhibition Convergence at the Design Hub of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Celebrating our first 5 years of exploration at the Intersection of education, research,  practice and industry we are converging to present our key output , reflect on the impacts and speculate for the future. Convergence: Transforming our Future Is a compelling exhibition and event program that reveals the surprisingly wide array of world-class transdisciplinary design projects germinated and nurtured within DRI.

3D scan of the installation.
Structural analysis of Dermoid III.
View of the installation from the 2nd floor.

Velux Guest Professorship, CITA / Mark Burry, SIAL.