Dynamic Descriptions (2008)

Martin Tamke, Jacob Riiber, Stig Nielsen
Project by Tore Banke, Morten Bülow.

Dynamic Descriptions

The starting of the workshop Dynamic Descriptions resides within the understandings of relations and how and why they change. The analysis of movie clips provided the bluieprint for spatial inventions. These dynamic concepts were notated and transposed into parametric systems.
The workshop aims at conducting approaches and concept rather than showing a working solution for a specific topic.  We want to investigate and emphasize the self exploration of critical individuals.

The workshop emphasizes a speculative approach. The setup of dynamic systems that behave and react to outer parameters were visualized in moving pictures.

Project by Jon Møller Andersen, Simon Natanael Svensson, Ivar Heggheim.
Project by Eurún Margret Stefánsdottir, Ragnhild Jordtveit Kristiansen, Karen Marie Fisker Langkjer, Stine Tang Jensen, Sofie