Greenhouse Pigs

Settlement, Ecology and Tectonics
Projekt af
Nee Rentz-Petersen

Denmark has 5 million people and 15 million pigs – making it the most intensively farmed country in the world. 

The present project shows a new way for agri-industrial pig production. By integrating modern technologies, we have created a vision for modern pig farming that minimises its environmental impact and improves animal welfare. 

The project accepts that most of our agricultural products today are industrial. By mixing in elements of organic production, new environmental technologies and animal welfare improvements, we introduce a completely new mode of operation for large-scale agriculture.

The project uses agri-park principles, meaning that the by-products of one production unit become an important resource for another. The unit contains a pig farm and a greenhouse, as the combination of precisely these two types of monoculture will yield the most advantages.