Quick Guides. Design for the 21st century


'Quick Guides. Design for the 21st. Century' is the title of a new international book series that presents current developments in Danish craft, product design and design knowledge. 

The book series will contribute to the positioning of Denmark as a leading nation of design and design knowledge, both by drawing attention to the value that Danish craftsmanship, design and design knowledge possess, and by contributing to value-based narratives about Denmark as a design-based welfare nation.

Strandberg Publishing is the publisher of the series in collaboration with KADK and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Professor Ida Engholm (KADK) and Associate Professor Mads Nygaard Folkmann (SDU) are editors of the series. In addition, Designmuseum Denmark and the Danish Design Center (DDC) are knowledge partners.

The books are developed in Danish, and are translated in parallel to English. ”Quick Guide. Design for the 21st Century / Design for the 21st. Century” is the title of the series. Each book takes the form of a question that the book answers. The first five titles are:

1. Hvad betyder ”design”? / What is the Meaning of ”Design”?

2. Hvor bevæger dansk kunsthåndværk sig hen? / What is the Power of Danish Craft?

3. Hvad kendetegner danske møbler? / What is Special About Danish Furniture?

4. Hvad er designtænkning? / What is Design Thinking?

5. Hvordan kan design skabe innovation? / How does Design Facilitate Innovation?