Shadow Play (2012)

Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, Karin Bech, Tore Banke

A research and teaching workshop by CITA. The course is based on lightweight structures of thin pine wood veneer examining how the textile principles can be used in a wood construction. The students were asked to consider how a textile logic could suggest a new material practice working in scaled models and full size prototypes.

By investigating structural systems that incorporate material performance the student developed a range of different weaved structures. The aim of these structural investigations was to understand how principles of friction and self-bracing can employ internal-compressive forces to gain stiffness and thereby structural integrity. The students developed both digital design model and physical full scale models. In this intersection they were able to explore digital design strategies and designing for material performance.

The workshop introduced a series of tools 3D modelling (rhino), parametric design (Grasshopper) combined with physical tools as speculative models (paper/wood) and full-scale demonstrators. Allowing the projects to constant negotiate between the physical and the digital world.