Erik Hansen-Hansen

Lektor, Ph.d.
Bygningskunst og Design
4170 1885
+45 40749196

Associate Professor/Lektor, PhD, Course Leader for the Master of Design program at KADK, a Master in Design aimed at professional designers.

Meta 1: fashion, luxury fashion, luxury goods, immaterial values, evolutionary theory (e.g. sexual difference, sexual selection), beauty, sex, status, fetishism, fashion photography, fashion magazines, fashion blogging, hatred of fashion, fashion shows, flagship stores, handbags, photographic models, global fashion cities, global supply chain management, textile-apparel pipeline.

Meta 2: Entrepreneurship, design-led innovation, Service Design, Design Management, Design Thinking, branding, experience economy, network economy, economics.

Meta 3: consumer culture, complexity theory, network theory, aesthetic communication, visual communication.

mobile: + 45 40749196