Troels Degn Johansson

Lektor, ph.d., cand.mag., MA
Bygningskunst og Design
4170 1890

Primære forskningsfelter

  • Æstetik og design
  • Billeder i designprocesser
  • Historiske og nutidige avantgardebevægelser i design
  • Udvikling af steder gennem design og hverdagspraksis
  • Kunsthåndværkets teori og historie
  • Entrepreneurskab inden for design og kunsthåndværk

My work as a leader and a scholar in design  is driven by curiosity, passion, and a belief in talents. It sets off from the conviction that design research and education can make a difference to society by combining analytical sensibility and knowledge of process, form, function, and tradition with a deep engagement in organisations, markets, and cultures. As such I have been dedicated to the development of design and design academia in Denmark for almost two decades, but increasingly also to the exchange between Danish and international design cultures, especially in China and in South East Asia.



Dr. Troels Degn Johansson is an Associate Professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schols of Architecture, Design, and Conservation. His  main current position is Head of the Valand Academy, the schools of film, photography, fine arts, and literary composition at the University of Gothenburg. He served as Head of Department of Product Design at KADK (2013-17) and Head of Research/Head of the Centre for Theory and Method at the Danish Design School before and during the merger with KADK's schools of architecture and conservation (2009-13). During this period he was responsible for implementing the Danish Design School's Research Strategy and Plan 2008-10 and for coordinating the design school's (positive) research evaluation (2004-2009) which lead to the subsequent accreditation of the bachelor's and master's programme in design at the Danish Design School. Dr. Johansson joined the School of Design/Danish Design School as an Associate Professor in 2005. He chaired the Board of Studies during 2006-09 and was an elected member of the School Council ("Skolerådet" during 2009-2010). As a chairman of the Board of Studies he implemented the new national qualification framework (2008), the new grade scale (2008), and designed the instution's quality assessment system as well as the curricular principles of the module based education (2008).

During 2000-04, Troels Degn Johansson was an Assistant Professor and subsequently Associate Professor and Head of the MA programme in Design, Communication, and Media (2001-2004) at the IT University of Copenhagen, Department of Digital Aesthetics and Communication (DiAC). During this period, he co-founded the Centre for Computer Games Research Copenhagen and the Danish Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment (DADIU); a national joint-degree initiative within computer games design.

Troels served as President of the Nordic Summer University (1999-2000) and formed part of the NSU Board of national representatives during (1995-2000).

Troels earned his PhD degree at the Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute and the University of Copenhagen. He did the M.A./cand.mag in Film and Media Studies at the University of Copenhagen and an MA in Psychoanalytic Studies in the Humanities at the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.

He has published extensively on aesthetics, digital art, pictorial representation, and design with reference to the works of e.g. Superflex and Lars von Trier.

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