Admission - Bachelor in Design, Craft - Glass and Ceramics

You apply for admission to the Bachelor in Design: Craft – Glass and Ceramics at KADK, Bornholm along two tracks:

  • A track where your talent for becoming a designer is assessed. In the first phase, we assess your home assignment. In the second phase, based on the assessment of your home assignment, we invite a smaller number of applicants for the admissions test and interview.
  • A formal track where you create a digital application on, upload documents, etc. The Study Administration will review your application and decide whether you meet all the entry requirements.

You can only qualify for enrollment if you have applied on time and meet all requirements - in both tracks.

The application deadline is 15 March 2018 at 12 noon CET.

This applies BOTH for submission of the home assignment and completing the digital application on

Our recommendation is that you complete your application on as early as possible. If you are applying early, we are able to help you if something is missing in your application.

We look forward to seeing your application in 2018.