Administrative units

The Administrative Department supports KADK's management, students, employees, business partners and authorities to create the best environment for KADK's study, work and development environment.


The Architecture, Design and Performing Arts Library is a public academic and research library, open to everyone, five days a week. The library is a central meeting place and knowledge base, primarily for students, researchers and teachers.

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Finance and HR

HR is responsible for personnel management, personnel policy, skills development, health and safety and secretarial services for committees and working groups.

The Finance Department is responsible for pay, holidays, absences, payments and collections, accounts and the provision of essential information regarding resources, activities and results.

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Building and IT

Building and IT take care of the operation and development of the physical and digital contexts: e.g. classrooms, networks, digital systems, computers, software and accessories. The units work to ensure an excellent physical environment for KADK's teaching, research, artistic, developmental and service activities.

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Communications and Management Secretariat

The Management Secretariat is responsible for development tasks and services KADK's senior management, i.e. board, rectorate, strategic management and a number of councils and committees.

Communications deals with KADK's internal and external communication, along with management communication, internet and intranet, PR, marketing, exhibitions and publicity.

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Education Secretariat

The Education Secretariat supports KADK's education administration and services applicants, students, graduates and helps tackle administrative planning and management tasks/ The Secretariat covers central student administration and guidance as well as local institute operation.

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The Research Secretariat

The Research Secretariat services researchers and research forums at KADK with, e.g., project applications, funding opportunities and contracts, and aims to support KADK's position as a leading research and artistic development institution. 

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