Applying for a Master's with a BA from other institution

Deadline and Process

Important Dates

15 January: Online application system opens

30 January: KADK Open House event

1 March: Application deadline at 11:59 p.m.

1 May: All applicants will have been notified of admission

1 August: Deadline for Documentation of undergraduate graduation eligibility

Application Deadline
The application deadline will be 1 March 2020 at 11:59 p.m. We strongly recommend applying well in advance of the deadline.

Application Process
Please note that you are allowed to apply for one architecture and one design programme at KADK. Once you have submitted your application It is not possible for students to change programme.

Prepare application materials
See Application Materials (below) for more information.

Complete online application by 1 March
KADK will not accept any application materials sent by ordinary mail or email.

Assessment of applications
Applications are reviewed by academics from the programme you are applying for. As part of the admissions process you may be contacted and called for an interview (e.g. via Skype/telephone); however, you may also be granted a place without an interview.

Announcement of admission
We will inform applicants about the result of their application continually throughout the assessment period and no later than 1 May. You will have to login to the application system to access any messages regarding your application. You will however be notified via email that there is a new message for you in the application system.

Degree requirements

General requirements

  • Applicants must have successfully completed their Bacehelor's degree prior to the start of the programme.
  • Students studying programmes that only lead to master degrees must submit documentation from their school/university that they have/will have completed studies equivalent to a bachelor degree in accordance with the Bologna model.
  • It is only possible to apply to one programme.

Requirements MA in Architecture

  • To be eligible to apply, applicants must have a Bachelor's degree in architecture or architectural studies from a nationally recognised school of architecture. This means that your degree must be recognised by the national architectural association as a degree that leads to a professional qualification as an architect.
  • Applicants whose degree is in a major-minor system, must have their major in architecture. Applicants with a minor in architecture or architectural studies are not eligible.

In addition the following criteria apply

  • Applicants with degrees in all other subjects, including design, interior architecture, landscape architecture, urban & rural planning, construction, and engineering, are not eligible for admission.
  • Regarding eligibility with a degree from a Danish institution; only applicants with a bachelor degree in architecture from KADK or Aarhus School of Architecture are eligible for admission.

Requirements MA in Design

  • Bachelor's degree in design, or equivalent, from accredited university or design school.
  • Bachelor's degree from KADK or Aarhus School of Architecture.
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts's Design School's (now KADK) undergraduate degree, under Executive Order No. 617 of 2003.
  • Design School Kolding's basic education, under Executive Order No. 617 of 2003.
  • The 3 year degree in Arts & Crafts from Danish Design School Bornholm (now KADK), with 37.5 ECTS credits in design theory.
Language requirements

Applicants for English taught Master's programmes must provide documentation of their English proficiency.

Only approved language tests will be accepted. Institutional tests and personal references will not be accepted.

NB as of admission 2020 all Danish applicants must have passed English at level B with an average grade of 3.0

Proof of English proficiency must be submitted with your application. It is not possible to submit documentation or language test results after the application deadline.

Approved language tests and test scores

  • TOEFL iBT (internet-based) score: 90
  • IELTS (academic version) score: 6.5
  • Cambridge English C1 Advanced: 180
  • Cambridge English C2 Proficiency: 180


TOEFL/IELTS tests; these are valid for 2 years and must be valid at the time of applying. Please make sure to inform the TOEFL test center of KADKs institutional code: 6398.
We will accept a scanned copy of the official test result allowing us to validate the result in the test providers database.

Cambridge English; does not expire - please make sure to include Candidate's ID number and secret number (appears on your Confirmation of Entry) when applying with us allowing us to validate the result online.

Bachelor degree taken in English in an English-speaking country

If your entire bachelor degree was taken in English in one of the following English-speaking countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, UK, USA, then your transcript of records is sufficient.

English in IB and Nordic High School Examinations

Applicants from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, or Iceland who have passed the equivalent of English at B-level in Denmark, must submit relevant documentation. The following Nordic high school examinations are considered the equivalent of English at B-level in Denmark:

  • Sweden
    English minimum kurs C (before 2014) or English steg 7 (after 2014)
  • Denmark
    English minimum level B with a minimum grade average of 3.0
  • Finland
    minimum 8 courses in English
  • Iceland
    minimum 15 einigar in English
  • Norway
    Fællesfag from GK + 2 English (1+2) (5+5 hours per week) at VKI, or
    Fællesfag from GK + 2 English (1) (5+3 hours per week) at VKI, or
    Fællesfag from GK + 2 English (2) (5+2 hours per week) at VKI, or
    VG2 (SPR3008 + 3009)* (International engelsk)
  • IB
    English B (SL)

Danish taught Master's

Admission to a Danish taught Master's programme requires Danish language proficiency at an academic level. Applicants must document Danish language qualifications corresponding to Danish at A-level, either from a Danish upper secondary school exam, or by successfully completing the Danish proficiency test 'Studieprøven i dansk' with a minimum grade of 2 in each discipline.

Application materials

Required enclosed documents:

  • Portfolio
  • Copy of transcript of records from your bachelor studies
  • Copy of bachelor certificate
  • Proof of English or Danish proficiency (see 'Language Requirements')
  • Letter of motivation
  • CV/Resumé
  • Copy of photo-page of passport
  • Credits from courses at Master's level
  • We accept the following formats: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, jpeg, mov, mpeg and png.

KADKs Online Application
The online application system will open 15 January 2020. The deadline is 1 March at 11:59 p.m..

Technical Requirements – Your digital portfolio must

  • be in a single document
  • not exceed 10 MB
  • be optimized for viewing on a standard size computer screen
  • be uploaded at the time the application is submitted

Content requirements – Your digital portfolio should

  • include your own most important and representative design and/or architecture work
  • contain relevant work from your BA study and working experience if applicable
  • be oriented towards the programme for which you are applying
  • include a short text for each project
  • for group work, your contributions to the project should be clearly identified and described

Additional information:

  • you may include hand drawings and sketches, and not only computer drawings
  • we suggest that you include process work that shows the development of the chosen idea
  • we do not have specific requirements regarding the number of projects or pages
  • we can not give further advice regarding the content of the portfolio.

Translation of Transcript of Records

KADK accepts transcripts in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Transcripts in all other languages must be translated into English or Danish either by a certified translator or your school/university.

Copy of Bachelor's degree certificate
We welcome applications from students that have already completed or is about to complete their Bachelor's degree. If you haven't completed your Bachelor's degree by the time of applying we require to receive the degree certificate by 1 August.

Letter of Motivation
Stating your motivation for applying to the programme and how you believe your background qualifies for admission.

Please list your educational qualifications and relevent work experience

Copy of passport (photo page)

During application you may be required to submit a scan of your passport photo page. This in order for KADK to be able to validate your identity.

Credits transfer

Pursuant Danish higher education legislation, applicants are required to submit documentation for any credits on previous Master's level programmes/courses. KADK is obligated to evaluate whether previous obtained credits are credit transferable into your Master's at KADK. For more information please refer to

Documents that should not be included
Reference letters are not taken into consideration during general assessment for admission and we therefore ask our applicants not to include these.


Tuition fee, costs and scholarships

Tuition fee
Citizens from non-EU/EEA/Swiss countries, including citizens from a British overseas territory, are required to pay tuition fee at higher education institutions in Denmark.


  • The tuition fee for 2019-20 academic year: 6,500 euro per semester
  • The tuition fee for 2020-21 academic year: 6,500 euro per semester


  • The tuition fee for 2019-20 academic year: 6,500 euro per semester
  • The tuition fee for 2020-21 academic year: 6,500 euro per semester

Tuition fee waiver

Non-EU/EEA/Swiss applicants with a permanent Danish residence permit or a preliminary Danish residence permit with a view to permanent residency will be exempt from paying tuition fee. Please make sure to include a copy of your residence permit and a scan of your residence card when applying.

Payment Deadline for New Students
New students must pay the first semester’s tuition fee 10 days after they have been offered a study place. It is not possible for us to process visa applications until we have received the tuition fee.


KADK is not able to offer any scholarships or other types of financial support.


The Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by EU and the UK ensures that during the transition period that ends on 31 December 2020 British citizens maintain their rights as EU citizens and therefore do not pay tuition fee. British students commencing at KADK in September 2020 will maintain these rights even after 31 December 2020 provided they reside legally in Denmark. Please keep yourself updated on the website of the Ministry of Immigration and Integration.

Work and living costs
The programmes at KADK are full-time programmes; however, many students have student jobs to support themselves financially. Non-EU students are allowed to work 20 hours a week and must pay particular attention to this rule in order not to have their residence permit revoked.

KADK does not offer or facilitate student jobs. You can find more information about the Danish job market on the Danish Government’s Study in Denmark website

Read about living costs and how to open a bank account on the study in Denmark webside