The collections of the KADK Library cover 4 subject areas: architeture, design, conservation and the performing arts.

We both have a physical and digital collection which consist of books and e-books, journals and magazines, online articles, various databases, maps, graduation programmes, PhD dissertations, dvd's and much more... You can read more about which topics the four subject areas cover below. 

Book shelves in the library hall. Foto: Tabea von Brück
Old books in the library archives.
Cassettes with graduation programmes. Foto: Sandra Gonon
Compact shelves in the library archives.
New journals. Foto: Sandra Gonon
Books on a study table

The architecture book collection of the library includes topics such as architectural history and theory, modern architecture, urban planning and urban spaces, landscape architecture, structures and materials. 


The library's collection of design books covers topics like clothing and textiles, fashion and design history, design methods and design materials, graphic design and visual communication as well as furniture design.



The library's conservatory collection contains books, journals and congress reports on conservation and preservation of materials like wood, leather, stone, paper, textiles, metal and many more. In addition, the collection covers cross-disciplinary topics such as preventive conservation, museology, building preservation and history of technology.

Performing arts

The library's collection of performing arts consists of books, manuscripts, plays and journals and covers topics such as dance and scenography, theater and dramatic art as well as music.

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