Exhibition: Too Much of a Good Thing

Blogpost by
Maria Mackinney-Valentin
Morten Ishøy

We are so proud to be part of KADK’s exhibition Change for a Sustainable Future with works by Morten Ishøy, Leticia Gordon, Cengiz Güdücü, Mai Sakamoto, and Mats Beckman. Our contribution, “Too Much of a Good Thing”, presents sustainable solutions for fashion in 3D printed bioplastics, upcycling, zero waste construction and deadstock. The installation addresses overproduction in the global fashion industry that manufactures more than 100 billion items of clothing a year. In the UK alone, 300,000 tons of clothing are buried or incinerated a year. 

In order to limit the fashion industry’s substantial role in climate change, reducing production is vital. This requires political action. The global fashion industry grows 4-5% each year despite efforts towards sustainable development.

Inspiration may be taken from best practices in other industries such as fishing where the EU has set catch limits on commercial fish stock. Political commitment to production quotas and fines for overproduction in the fashion industry is an important political initiative for creating real impact.

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