Fashion Film 2018

Blogpost by
Stina Resting

The course in Fashion Film is back with new examples of how to use film as fashion communication. The result is 15 highly unique examples of using filmic language with time, sound, and movement to showcase fashion items. 

During the last couple of weeks MA3 students from Fashion Design was presented with the tool of working with film. The course was led by film workshop leader Silas Emmery and fashion designer Stina Resting. The goal was to make the fashion design students producers of film themselves, getting familiar with how to conceptualize, plan, shoot, and edit a film in a technically pared-down way.

Seeing that three of the 2017 KADK Fashion Films got nominated for the Best Nordic Talent at the Copenhagen Fashion Film festival, and that the film "Escapism" by Julija fashion designer Julija Moroz and production designer Isac Mørch also won the prize, make sure to keep an eye on which of these 2018 Fashion Films from KADK might make it in to the competition.

Have a look in the gallery to see how the films turned out.

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