Dressed in Fiction: New Research Paper

Blogpost by
Maria Mackinney-Valentin
Sara at J-Popcon 2017

A new research paper looks at the influx in Scandinavia of fiction cultures - from Japan and the U.S. - that are materialized on the body in the form of costumes. The phenomenon is often associated with cosplay but is also linked to other costume cultures. Specifically within a Danish context, the article looks a three types of dress cultures – superheroes, furry fandom and Lolita fashion – to explore how narratives are used to negotiated gender, social belonging and a playful escape from reality.

The research paper was published in the Danish film journal Kosmorama and is written by Jakob Ion Wille and Maria Mackinney-Valentin, both researchers at KADK.

Read the full paper here: https://www.kosmorama.org/kosmorama/artikler/klaedt-i-fiktion-nar-fortae...


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