Nynne-Joline Grønning Giversen: 21 Days to Graduation 2017

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Maria Mackinney-Valentin
Nynne-Joline Grønning Giversen

Nynne-Joline Grønning Giversen: “My collection is about celebrating fashion in all its colorful glory. The title of the project is “Nynnesk” (Nynneish) – a play on my name. I believe in style over fashion. For me, personal style is so important – we should dress according to our mood and personality. I want to see the person behind the product. For me, fashion becomes empty, if it is only a product for sale. People should have fun with fashion for a more individual and therefore more meaningful expression.

I hope to contribute to creating a more positive and humane fashion industry. Fashion needs more heart and in this sense I am inspired by UN Goal 8 that is concerned with Decent Work Conditions.

I am also inspired by UN Sustainability Goal 12 that addresses the issue of responsible consumption and production. I have tried to work with a no waste agenda. A number of my outfits are made from scraps from some of the other garments in the collection. So rather than buy new fabrics, I have tried to let the available materials at hand dictate for instance color schemes.”


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Jeanette Nielsen
Nice idea to but the scraps to use. :D
Looking forward to seeing the result <3
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