Sidsel Møller Jungersen: First Theoretical Fashion Design Graduate

Blogpost by
Maria Mackinney-Valentin

Fashion Design is so proud to have its first theoretical graduate, Sidsel Møller Jungersen.

For her MA graduate project she developed the F.I.N.D-method that is intended to aid the designer in firstly identifying and funneling sources of inspiration relating to current societal phenomena, and secondly in deducting methods, dogmas or constraints to employ in the design process.

When arranging and tracing not only the inspirational material but also the initial thought processes, the method also aims to strengthen the communicational skills of the designer. Furthermore, the project has investigated the potential of adapting the autoethnographic methodologies in relation to fashion studies.  

Besides the written thesis, the project entailed a practical, materialized aspect. The practical implication of this project consists of the investigation of a specific phenomenon, the seemingly faulty, through the application of the F.I.N.D.-method.  


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