The Board

The Board is the top management of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation and is responsible for promoting the institution's work and defending the interests of the institution as an institution for artistic education and research.

The Board is accountable to the Minister for Education for the institution's overall business and the rules laid down for the institution. On the basis of recommendations from the Rector, the Board determines guidelines for the institution's organisation, long-term business and development. The Board appoint and dismiss the Rector.

The composition of the Board should reflect the institution's overall tasks. The whole Board must, therefore, have access to education, research, artistic research practice, dissemination of knowledge, management, organisation, finances and the areas of employment and business, for which the institution educates its students.

The Rector and Vice-Rector participate in board meetings without voting rights.


The Board has 13 members

  • 7 external members (6 members appointed by the Ministry and 1 member appointed by the Danish Arts Foundation)
  • 3 academic staff representatives (from academic staff member from each of the three schools: the School of Architecture, the School of Design and the School of Conservation)
  • 1 representative for the overall technical and administrative staff at KADK
  • 2 student representatives.

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are appointed by the Ministry.


Questions about the board and its work can be addressed to the Secretary of the Board.