Research and Collaboration

The school has a global network of contacts to leading arts and crafts companies as well as educational and cultural institutions.

In Denmark, the programme collaborates on a permanent basis in regard to student exhibitions with the Glass Museum in Ebeltoft, CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark in Middelfart, as well as the local venues such as Bornholm Art Museum, Grønbechs Gård, and Hjorth’s Ceramic Factory. The regional foundation on Bornholm is important for the programme, and it works closely with the many local crafts companies in the areas of internship, product development, and the exchange of knowledge and experience about crafts as a business.

The collaboration with esteemed Danish companies such as Kähler, Holmegaard, and Royal Copenhagen has been important for the programme, and today it is particularly relevant considering the great interest in new interpretations of established brands.