About recycling textile into furniture and decorative elements

15:00 - 17:00
Auditorium 2
Philip De Langes Alle 10
1435 København K

Following the exhibition ‘Circular Economy in architechture and design’, KADK presents an open seminar series wich focuses on themes as interaction between architechture, nature and circular design. The seminar series draws on knowledge and experience from some of the worlds leading architects and designers in the field.

How do we shift the perception and design process when we design with recycled materials? How do we recreate the esthetic value for recycled materials? And what does it take to recycle textiles into furniture and decorative elements?  

This seminar is conducted by Wickie Meier (CEO of Really) and Charlotte Bastholm Skjold (Head of Design Management of Kvadrat). The seminar will focus on recycling textile into furniture and decorative elements. Really upcycles end-of-life textiles to create materials that challenge the design and architecture industries to rethink their use of resources, and to design with a Circular Economy in mind. Kvadrat is partner in LAUNCH Circular and helps innovators scale through collaboration.  

Charlotte and Wickie will discuss their focus on designing for a circular economy and how they together with Max Lamb collaborated to make esthetic furniture from recycled textiles. They will also talk about their professional and personal journey one being an entrepreneur and one an established actor in the Circular Economy movement. The seminar will therefore give you insights on how to join the movement and we invite you to engage in the discussion.