Climate Change: Be Prepared - Take action

15:00 - 18:00
Auditorium 2
Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 53
1435 Copenhagen K

In the recent years climate change has become an increasing issue in many parts of our society. Rising temperature and changed precipitation affect us all - both in our daily life and in the planning of the future. 

We all need to take the expected changes into account, when we think about (and design) the future, because the old world is disappearing and a new world appears - a world where buildings is constructed differently and infrastructure may contain new elements in order to cope with the coming more powerful weather types. 

In this field schools and universities must include these new issues, so the students are better prepared for the future in which they will have their working life. 

The open lecture will give the background for the changes and will look into the future hoping to give some inspiration for new ideas.