Software is eating the world

15:00 - 17:00
Auditorium 2
Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 53
1435 Copenhagen K

This autumn KADK is inviting students, staff, collaborators and the public to participate in a series of talks on Technology in Architecture and Design. The talks will bring together different standpoints and take acute question up for discussion.

The talks will be hosted and moderated by key profiles from the school of design and the school of architecture - each with a specific perspective on the theme. The moderators have each invited a number of speakers - from researchers to business and organizations - to presents their ideas and debate with the audience.

The first talk is moderated by Martin Sønderlev Christensen, Head of Institute of Visual Design. The talks are open for all and will be in English.   

Software is eating the world

In 2011 the American investor and entrepreneur Marc Andressen famously said that “Software is eating the world” proclaiming a broader economic and technological shift, where software companies are taking over as the driving force in the economy - rewriting the rules and value chains across industries. Obviously design and architecture is being eaten by software – offering new possibilities as well as challenging the existing praxis. We are increasingly moving from a traditional design praxis, towards a more computational driven design era, where computational processes are becoming an integral part of how and what we work with as designers and architects be it visual design, games, product design to architectural planning and constructions.

In this panel we will address how software is becoming a more integral part of our praxis. We will be asking what is software offering and what challenges does it pose? What characterizes computational design? How are concepts like machine learning and AI influencing how and what designers and architectures work with? What can data provide as an opportunity for creating more intelligent and informed design process and products? How is computational modeling becoming a part of the creative process? and to our design proposals? What are concepts like IoT and the embedding of computer power in our lived environments posing as opportunities and challenges? How is technological shift shaping the value chains, business models and service layers that design and architecture are conditioned in.

And also, how do we as architects and designers bite back when software is eating our trade? What important role could we play in a more critical and aesthetical stance in the dawning “techlash” towards the disruption of software and technology companies? How can we ensure that what often is sold “smart” not imposes new unintended consequences and behavior at the end-users?  What are the new competences, roles and attitudes that the we as designers and architects needs to take on in a technological and increasingly digitized world?

The panel

  • Anna Vallgårda, PhD, Associate Professor and Head of IxD Lab, IT UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN
  • Christian Willum,  Director of Digital & Future Thinking, DDC
  • Martin Tamke, Associate Professor CITA Centre for Information Technology and Architecture, KADK