15:00 - 16:30
Auditorium 5
Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 53
1435 Copenhagen K
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As an extension of the exhibition, Africa - Rethinking Architecture and Design, KADK will be presenting a series of open seminars, which will focus on the challenges and opportunities resulting from Africa’s economic and population booms. Concentrating on topics such as health, identity and urban development, we will discuss how architects and designers can come up with sustainable, innovative solutions in these areas.

With explosive population growth and mass migration from country to city, Africa is witnessing unprecedented city scales, densities and challenges.

According to UN Habitat, 70% of this young urban population lives in slum settlements with poor quality housing, unsafe ownership regulations and inadequate access to resource and sanitation infrastructure. 

Can innovations in housing and infrastructure transform this condition? Or will these 'informal' settlements challenge our existing concepts of urbanisation? Will digitalisation revolutionise strategies of urban planning and development? And how can we ensure this development is economically and environmentally sustainable? 

Join us for a debate on the challenges facing sustainable urban development in both African and European cities, and an exploration of projects that are offering innovative solutions. 

Gaétan Siew is a Mauritian architect, leading many international initiatives that advocate sustainable development, cooperation and innovation. He has extensive experience working with international organisations including the Global Creative Leadership Initiative, the European Commission, UN Habitat and the UIA, whilst also working as Chair of the Port Louis Development Initiative to regenerate his home city. 

Jørgen Eskemose is an Architect & Associate Professor at KADK. As the Head of the Department of Human Settlements, his work explores themes of city development, informal architecture, planning and land management. Jørgen has worked extensively in Mozambique, with the project 'Casas Melhoradas' developing housing typologies for low income groups in the slums in Maputo whilst challenging the concept of 'informal' urbanisation.

Johan Mottelson is an Architect and Research Assistant at KADK. Johan has also worked extensively in Mozambique, collaborating with Jørgen on their 'Casas Melhoradas' project developing housing typologies for low income groups in the slums in Maputo. 

Moderator Natalie Mossin specialises in the interaction between architecture, building technology and society. As Head of the Department of Building Arts and Technology at KADK, Chairman of the Danish Association of Architects and Council Member of the International Union of Architects, Natalie is a leading voice in setting the agenda for sustainable urbanism and architecture at both a strategic and political level. 


’Africa: Rethinking Architecture and Design’ is kindly supported by the foundation 'A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal' and the ‘Dreyer Foundation’