Career Tracks: Conservation


We have collected examples of typical career paths in the conservation education at the School of Conservation.

School of Conservation/Institute of Conservation

The courses at the School of Conservation are characterised by their broad professional scope and methodical specialisation, which equip our graduates with expertise suited to both the Danish and overseas job markets. Their skills equip graduates to specialise further and/or to take up new specialities. Uniquely, studies and research at the School of Conservation cover all the main areas of cultural and natural preservation. This gives our graduates access to the widest range of choices in the Danish and overseas job markets.  

The Master’s programme equips students with more than adequate skills for interdisciplinary collaborations and opportunities for academic careers in related, or in some cases, different sciences. Meanwhile, experience shows that the balance and assimilation of practical and theoretical learning provide the School of Conservation’s Bachelor graduates with excellent skills for work in the conservation profession.