Sustainable built heritage

Time span
2014 - 2018
Project management
Professor Christoffer Harling, Institute of Architecture and Culture

Cultural heritage and restoration constitute a field of research in a rapid state of development at KADK. A recent grant of DKK 3.75 million from Realdania has created an opportunity to develop the area even further.

The project Sustainable Built Heritage, led by Professor Christopher Harlang will run from 2014 to 2018. Working with five sub-projects, the intention is to develop methods and directions for how to conduct research with respect for both the environment and cultural heritage.

“The understanding of what sustainable building is has become very restricted. There is a tendency to place a biased focus on the energy requirements of buildings. It is a huge problem because it often means that you either tear down buildings and build new energy-efficient buildings or rebuild beyond recognition. This means we lose the cultural heritage that is staring us in the face.”
Christoffer Harlang

The projects examine issues surrounding the transformation of rural areas in Denmark - how to preserve cultural heritage and how to enhance “peripheral” areas - and the environmental consequences associated with demolition or restoration.