In the Making

Research area
Behaving Architectures
Time span
Research Project
Malene Kristiansen, Mary Ann Hansen

In the Making aims at highlighting textile design development as an experimental practice carried out within a methodological frame formed by various textile processes. Through explorations of textile materials and technologies the project approaches experimentation and development of aesthetic expressions through material investigation thus forming a platform for reflection through making as an asset to further development within the field of textile design.

There is no friction between analogue and digital design practice within textile design. Development of textiles draws on the whole range of low tech and high tech / analogue and digital processes as a source of technologies challenging new fibers and materials in order to create novel expressions in the material. The interaction of different textile technologies challenges the way fibers and materials are conceived and explored within this context. This can only happen by direct handling of 1:1 materials and technologies in the core process of making as an explorative investigation of inherited properties and aesthetic values.


  • Interaction of light and textile

This project operates with 1:1 sketching directly in the material in the interdisciplinary landscape of textile practices such as weaving, printing, laser cutting, airbrush, sewing, form fixing etc. for material investigation forming a platform for reflection and shared understanding of the interdisciplinary methodologies in the processes of textile design.
The setup is a short five week project with material manipulations focusing on experiments with interaction of light and textile on the basis of keywords such as reflection, absorption, transparency.

  • Textile topographies

Woven structures in natural and manmade fibers are explored on digital looms that offer an open ended number of variations in construction and structure. Woven fabrics are only held together by friction and through variations in the interrelation of fiber and construction different textures and three dimensional structures are investigated directly on the loom as a series of textile topographies. The project is generously supported by Solarfonden.Experimental approach
The experimental approach is formed as a series of settings and frames that set up rules for interaction between certain parameters such as fiber and construction, light and textile in order to highlight the 1:1 handling and reflective practice at the core of textile design development.

Experimental approach
A series of settings and frames set up rules for interaction between parameters such as fiber and construction, material manipulations, light and textile in order to highlight the 1:1 handling and reflective practice at the core of textile design development.

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