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Livsstil - Bolig og Beklædning
Dansk Lys

Fashion Show and matchmaking at Børsen in Copenhagen. In June, for the second year in a row, Design School Kolding, TEKO and KADK held a successful final exhibition of work by the schools’ graduates in Copenhagen. With an opening speech by the Minister of Education and a number of international fashion companies and journalists in the front row, the event has become a “must see” for the Danish fashion industry.

This is just one example of the events KADK have organised in collaboration with the Innovation Network, Livsstil - Bolig og Beklædning (Innonet Lifestyle - Interior & Clothing). In the spring, KADK researchers organised furniture exhibitions at furniture trade shows in Milan and Stockholm under the auspices of the network. More exciting events are in the pipeline in the fields of fashion/trend research and development of digital design platforms.

KADK have also become members of the Innovation Networks, Dansk Lys and InnoBYG, aimed at company collaborations in various branches of sustainable architecture.