Innovation models and experimental design in Sydney

Time span
Summer 2014
Project management
The research cluster Co-Design

In summer 2014, the School of Design’s research cluster, Co-Design participated in an international exhibition of experimental design: Feral Experimental: New Design Thinking at the UNSW Galleries in Sydney.

Feral Experimental presents design from all over the world, showing how methods of experimental design have evolved and are now being used in “the real world.”  Co-Design’s contribution involves their work on innovation models, which have been tested with great success in Denmark in the area of old people and waste.

In conjunction with Danish and international partners, across universities, agencies and companies, Co-Design previously developed a Design-Anthropological Innovation Model (DAIM). It was developed via practical projects and theoretical work, and the findings were summed up in the book, Rehearsing the Future. It is about preparing for the future by developing and testing prototypes in close cooperation with users.

The research cluster from Denmark participates with the DAIM project. Co-Design along with Danish and international partners across universities, agencies and companies has previously developed a Design Anthropological Innovation Model (DAIM).