Shelter with (2007)

Time span
Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, Rachel Wingfield, Matthias Gmachl

A workshop collaboration by CITA (Centre for Information Technology and Architecture) and at KADK.

Digital technologies are allowing a rediscovery of the traditional crafts. As new technologies for description (computer aided drafting and modelling) are becoming more open to high levels of complexity, and as technologies for tooling (computer aided manufacture) enable non standard production we are increasingly able to develop bespoke and highly crafted surfaces.

Shelter explores the traditions of basket weaving, lacing, knotting and crocheting for architectural structures. Learning from traditional textiles techniques we will investigate how the architectural thinking structures as armature and skin can be collapsed and expanded. Using fibre glass rod we will develop complex structure allowing for flexible structures at scale 1:1.

Students were asked to consider the concept of a transitional SHELTER. How can a SHELTER be conceived as something permanent or temporary, material or immaterial? How can its structures combine and collapse ideas of flexibility and rigidity? How does the body belong and how does it pertain to its (multiple) sites?