Temporal Interactions (2007)

Time span
Mette Ramsgard Thomsen, Camille Utterback
Camille Utterback

A workshop collaboration between CITA and artist Camille Utterback

The workshop explores the temporal landscapes of interfaced environments. Conceiving the interface as the place where digital and physical agency merge and combine, the workshop explore how interaction can in part extend, in part focus the experience of our actions.

In Camille and Mette’s environments the user is asked to interact in an embodied manner, using our body, our voice or our encultured practices to engage with a digital dimension. From these actions live drawings appear, visual landscapes returned as the result of action. We ask how are interactive experiences sited? What is the value of the digital, of the drawn and the acted? How can interactive environments change and challenge our understanding of presence, of environment and play? Can we think of generative environments as means for finding a new temporal space that conflate and deflates with the fluctuations of our experienced motility and action? How do we define this enacted topology, whose dimensions and modalities are better described through ideas of the durational and the performed rather than through extension and form?

The workshop was part of the ArchiTronic exhibition and conference event.