Tom Svilans: Integrating Material Performance

Tom Svilans
Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, Martin Tamke
Bluhmer Lehmann; White

The ability to simulate material performance, parametrising and calculating material properties as design drivers present new perspectives in structural and material thinking. By understanding materials not as static or inanimate, but as engaged by complex behaviours, material performance is regarded as one of the richest sources of innovation.

New structural paradigms are emerging that integrate material performance such as active bending . These rely on complex interfacing of design, engineering and fabrication knowledge. To unleash full potential that these systems present, we need interdisciplinary methods for design and analysis that communicate accurate and scalable information with intuitive design environments.

Building on prior work, the project will focus on timber as a sustainable and renewable material resource, identifying new structural morphologies that make use of timbers natural material strengths and the established fabrication processes.

Expected Results
To develop new design methods integrating accurate and scalable material simulation. To design and communicate new innovative structural morphologies that activate of timber’s material behaviours.

Planned Secondments
Blumer-Lehmann month 12-16, White month 24-28.
Purpose Blumer-Lehmann: to embed manufacturing with existing industrial scale fabrication processes. White to situate the examination of performance active timber structures in existing project context.