Study Programme Presentations

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Phil Ayres
Asya Ilgun - Research Question (yr 4)

On Friday 30.01 CITAstudio students will be presenting their work-in-prgoress study programmes which will form the basis for a structured design inquiry in the coming semester.

The study programme is a formal requirement for all students doing Thesis, however we ask all our students to engage in this practice as a means of identifying a personal trajectory of design-led research-informed investigation.

This is an open event, so please feel free to join us for the whole/part of the day. This is a great opportunity to see the agenda of the studio played out through personally directed student work.   

We will be running the event in pseudo conference format, with a group of thematically organised short individual presentations of 10mins and then a discussion/feedback period following.

We are also being joined by the tutors and students of the architecture programme DS10, from University of Westminter. (

The event will be held in Aud. A2

(Building. 68 / ent. A / top floor)

The schedule is:

0915 – Presentations from DS10 (Westminster)

1030 – Group 1: Steering Ecologies (Kristian, Chen, Magda., Terry, Ricardo)

1200 – Group 2: The Under-specified (Ana, Janusz, Jesper)

1245 – LUNCH

1330 – Group 3: Plates, Shells & Perforations (John, Hulda, Wenyu, Katre)

1500 – Group 4: Material Manipulations (Lyn, Asya, Giselle, Eduardo, Miguel)

1630 – Wrap up

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