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 For students who are currently enrolled at KADK:

Write an e-mail to if you need:

  • Re-ordering/renewal of study card
  • Signature on confirmations

Print via Self Service if you need:

  • Confirmation of studies
  • Transcripts

For graduates from KADK:

Did you lose you diploma?

If you are a graduate from KADK and no longer have your diploma or transcript we can provide you with a confirmation that you have graduated from your programme at KADK. We can not issue a new diploma for you. Your original diploma is the only existing copy. 

If you need a confirmation that you have graduated please write an e-mail with as much information as possible about you and your study at KADK. After we receive your request we will send you a confirmation. Please note that the processing time may take up to 6 weeks. 

For potential KADK students:

Information about KADKs study programmes

Application information about programmes in English:

Admission to Professional Bachelor ”Crafts in Glass and Ceramics”:

 Admission to Masters programmes in English:

Application information about programmes in Danish:

Admission to bachelor programmes:

Admission to masters programmes:

If you can not find an answer to your questions on the webpages above please write to: (bachelor admissions) (master admission)

Telephone for the admissions office: +45 4170 1987

Please note that KADK does not offer bachelor programmes in English except the professional bachelor programme in “Crafts in Glass and Ceramics”. Read about Danish language requirements for the bachelor programmes in Danish on

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