Councils and Boards

Academic Council
The Academic Council advises the Rector on academic affairs and is consulted in matters, which concern the institution's overall interests as an institution of artistic education and research.

The Council may comment on all academic matters of significant importance to the institution and has a duty to discuss the academic conditions, which the Rector proposes.

The Academic Council is composed of members elected by the permanent academic staff and students at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, together with a Technical Staff member as an observer.

The Academic Council is the equivalent of the University Act's academic council. The Rector is automatically the Chairman of the Academic Council.

The Study Committee
The Study Committee oversees the academic level of the teaching helps assure and develop the quality of the educational programmes and teaching, e.g. by approving curricula.

KADK have four Study Committees - one for the School of Architecture, one for the School of Conservation, one for the School of Design on Holmen and one for the School of Design on Bornholm.

Each Study Committee consists of an equal number of teacher and student representatives.