Admission proces for Bachelor of Crafts in Glass and Ceramics

Home Assignment

Admission Test

Applying for Crafts in Glass and Ceramics?

Are you applying for the professionel bachelor: Crafts in Glass and Ceramics?

The course of admission for the Crafts programme includes three elements or stages, and you have to meet the requirements at all three steps before KADK can offer you admission. The stages are:

    An application on the admission portal: The portal will guide you on how to do it. Based on your application and the documents that you have uploaded KADK will decide whether you are eligible or not.
    A home assignment. The assignment text you will find under the section Step 1: Home assignment from 15 February. Deadline for submission is 15 March at 1200 CET. You upload your proposal on Members of the Admission Board will assess your proposal, and the applicants with the highest scores will be invited for test days.
    An admission test. A weekend in May. The applicants with the highest scores will receive an offer of admission. More information under the section Step 2: Admission test.

It goes without saying that you must meet all deadlines during the course of admission.

During the course of admission we will mail you if needed. Usually you will be given a very short deadline. It is important that you check your mail on a daily basis.

Who will assess your submission, and how is it done?

Who will assess your submission, and how is it done?

Proposals from all applicants will be discussed and assessed by KADK staff members. Two lecturers give points, and at least one of them is affiliated with the Craft programme. This goes for the home assignment as well as the admissions test.
An assessment involves several stages. To begin with the assessors prepares by discussing standards and levels on the basis of all proposals. This is done to ensure that all proposals are assessed by the same standards. You might call it “calibrate”.
Then the actual assessment of each proposal starts. The assessors give points collectively within each criteria.
The assessors are appointed by the Head of the Design Programme at KADK.

Home assignment
The purpose of the home assignment is to identify the applicants that KADK wishes to invite for admissions test. In case two or more applicants have similar scores, the assessors are asked to do a second assessement and rank the proposals. This does not happen very often.
10 days are set aside for assessment of home assignments.

Admission test
As with the home assignment two assessors are appointed to grade the proposals. At the interview you will meet two lectureres who will give you points for the interview. It is not necessarily the same persons.
Two days are set aside to assess after admission test. Then all proposals are destroyed.

Assessments criterias


Criterias for the assigment will also appear from the text. Thus it is important that you study the text thoroughly.

In general all your proposal must show us your ability to understand a given design problem and propose a solution. When your home assignment is assessed we will look at how you:

  • Examine and register
  • Generate and develop ideas
  • Handle and develop form, material and function
  • Convey and communicate visually and in writing

At the admissions test we will look at how you :

  • Examine and register
  • Generate and develop ideas
  • Handle and develop form, material and function
  • Convey and communicate visually

During the admissions test you will be called out for an interview with two lecturers. They will evaluate:

  • Your ability to communicate orally
  • Your readiness to study at the Crafts programme
Points, scale and extra points

Point scale
The two assessors will give you points for your work and interview within each criteria. The scale goes from 0 to 7, with 7 being the highest. At the end we will add up all your points. A total score.
Notice that points from the home assignment will not count at the end. The single purpose of the home assigment is to identify which applicants to invite for admission test.

For the home assigment the maximum score is 28 points (4 criterias x 7 points). If you receive 11 points or lower you have not passed the Home assignment.

For the admission test and interview the maximum score is 42 points (4+2 criterias x 7 points). For passing the admission test your score must be 18 points or above. Applicants with points below 18 cannot continue in the running for a study place.

Extra points:

we award extra points in three cases:

if your total score for admission test and interview is 36 or above.

If your grade point average from your qualifying exam is 10 on the Danish scale or the equivalent.

if you have been awarded diploma for excellence in a related vocational training. For the Crafts programme this might apply for trained potters or glassmakers.

This means that you can score 21 extra points in total. Please notice that you need to upload diploma for excellence in vocational training before deadline.


Information about your result

When and how do we inform you on your results?

Some time after each assement (see: Important dates and deadlines) you will receive a mail from the Study Administration at KADK informing you on your scores. This goes for home assigment as well as admission test.

At the same time we inform you on the scores of your fellow applicants. This piece of information will help you to understand where in the running, you are.

Your final score, including extra points, we do not know until mid July. 5 July is deadline for upload of final documentation and exam papers, and it is not untill then KADK can calculate and convert grade point averages and extra points.

Late July KADK knows which applicants to offer study places, and we mail the applicants. Please notice that you are given few days to accept our offer.

It is important that you check your mail frequently.