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Language Requirements for Crafts

Proficiency in English

Applicants for the Craft programme must have proficiency in English equal to the level English B in Danish secondary school.

You have to submit one of the below mentioned proof of your level in English. The proof must be uploaded on the application portal: before deadline 15 March 1200 CET

Applicants with Nordic High School Examinations
Most holders of high school diplomas from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland have  passed the equivalent of English at Danish B-level. However some Nordic high school diplomas are of a vocational nature. Holders of these diplomas might have to supplement in English. If in doubt please contact us.
If you contact us at an early stage (before 8 March), we might have time to guide you regarding supplementing, if you need to do this.

Applicants with other High school Examinations
Holders of other European and overseas high school diplomas do not necessarily have English at the required level.
Do you hold such a diploma, you should also contact us at an early stage (before 8 March), if you want our help and guidance.

You are allowed to proof your level of English with a TOEFL, an IELTS test or a Cambridge test. Minimum requirements are: 

  • TOEFL iBT: 90
  • IELTS academic: 6,5
  • Cambridge English C1 Advanced: 180
  • Cambridge English C2 Proficiency: 180

Results are only valid for two years, and must be taken within the two years prior to the application deadline.
Language tests from other institutions and personal references will not be accepted.

Deadline for test results and registration for supplementing
You are allowed to supplement your English level during spring and to take TOEFL and IELTS test.

We have two important deadlines:
15 March 1200 CET: Deadline for upload of proof of supplement registration or registration for a TOEFL or an IELTS test. You cannot proceed as an applicant, if you do dot proof to us that you have signed up for improving your English level.
5 July 1200 CET: Deadline for upload of proof of passed supplement or test. If you do not meet this deadline, we cannot offer you a study place.


Proficiency in Danish
The Crafts in Glass and Ceramics programme is taught in English, and consequently we do not demand proficiency in Danish.

If you wish to apply for other programmes at KADK, e.g. Architecture or Design, you must proof proficiency in Danish. Please find further information at the Danish website.

Two bachelor degrees?

Two bachelor degrees?
According to Danish legislation you are not allowed to apply for a second bachelor education, but the rule only applies if the degrees are taken in Denmark – not abroad.

In three cases we are allowed to make excemptions from this rule. Please mail us for further information if you need to apply for an excemption. or

Your documents - requirements and translation

Your documents – requirements and translation
As a rule KADK understands and accepts documents in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic and English, German and French.

But your documents must meet the following standards:

  • Your certificate/diploma must be uploaded in the original language. And it must be signed and stamped by the school which issued the diploma.
  • You must also upload a certified translation, if the diploma is in written in a language not mentioned above.
  • The translation must be in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or English.

The documents that you upload to must be a pdf file. All documents must be uploaded before deadline, which is March 15, 1200 CET.
Please note that the file format and other demands for the home assignment appears from the assignment text. 

Your certificates/diplomas for qualifying exam must be uploaded as one file only, preferably with the file name: diploma or qualifying exam. We recommend that your upload a scanned version of good quality.

If necessary KADK accepts photos of diplomas and other documents, but it is your responsibility to make sure that the quality is in order. All text must be easily readable. We recommend that you place your document on a plane surface and then take your photo.

If your photo is of poor quality and difficult to read, we will mail you, and you are given 24 hours to upload a new and acceptable version.

These requirements applies for all documents in cases of dispensations (if you do not have a qualifying exam): we prefer good scans but photos are accepted, if the contents are easily readable.

KADK is legally bound to check the information that you hand in. It is our duty to notify the Danish police and nullify your application, if you have uploaded forged or misleading documents and information.

TIPS on documents:

  • Check your files before uploading them. Test that all text and necessary information is readable.
  • Check that your full name and date of birth appears on all documents.
  • Check the size of your files. There is a limit to upload to
  • Name your files meaningfully. Use words that describe the contents, i.e. “Diploma”, “authority” , “English supplemeting sign-up”.
  • Prepare your documents in good time. closes for upload at 15 March 1200 CET.
Compulsory credits transfer - have you earned ECTS-point previously?

Compulsory credits transfer
This rule is not relevant to applicants who have passed their qualifying exam recently, and who have not yet been enrolled at bachelorlevel or higher.

When applying you are obliged to inform us, if you have earned ECTS-credits previously. This rule applies for Danish as well as foreign applicants. Information on previous study results are needed to determine whether KADK must transfer the credits or not.
Please notice that transfer of credits is not an option – it is compulsory if the study results are relevant and if the KADK Credit Board decides that credits should be transferred.

On you will meet a dialog box or a tab concerning your previous study results. Please fill in meticulously and precisely.

KADK will only determine whether credits should be transferred, if we offer you a study place. This means that you do not have to upload further documents, e.g. curriculum and more specific information, until we ask you to. We will mail you, if we have questions.

Please notice that you must inform us on your precious study results when applying on, and that you must upload proof, e.g. transcript.

If you have questions, please mail:

Excemptions from rules - qualifying exam not included

Do you need to apply for exemptions from a rule?
This section is for applicants who needs til apply for excemption from a specific rule, a deadline or similar requirement.

If you wish to file an application for excemption, you must upload your application as a pdf-file on before deadline 15 March, 1200 CET.

If you do not have an qualifying exam, you need to follow specific instructions. Please see section on: Dispensation for qualifying exam.

If you have questions regarding excemption and applications, please contact the Study Administration at KADK. Mail:

Complaint procedure - do you need to file a complaint?

Complaint instructions

Are you considering filing a complaint?
If you consider filing a complaint, you might benefit from getting in touch with The Study Administration at KADK before filing the complaint. This is regardless of the nature of the complaint.
Once you have filed a complaint, the procedure is in motion. You cannot complaint and ask questions simultaneously, so please seek advice beforehand. A filed complaint will prevent you from asking clarifying questions or correct a simple misunderstanding.

Possible topics of complaints
You can file a complaint against a decission made by KADK, if your application has been dismissed, or if your application for a dispensation from the rules have been rejected.
You can file a complaint about legal matters only. Which means if you are convinced that KADK has applied the rules for admission wrongly in your case.

You can not file a complaint about professional assessments made by employees at KADK. Which means all assessments made by the Admission Board in relation to your dispensation for qualifying exam, home assignment or admissions test.

Complaint procedure
When KADK mails you, the last paragraph will address the complaint procedure and deadline, which is usually 14 days after receiving our mail.

  • If we receive a complaint from you, we will issue a receipt via mail.
  • KADK must address your complaint within 14 days. We draw up a draft, which you will receive by mail for comments.
  • You have 1 week to comment on our draft.
  • After 1 week KADK compiles all documents related to your complaint, and we mail all documents to the complaints board. In most cases the complaints board will be the Ministry of Education and Science/ Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.

    Please notice that cases of processing complaints often takes time. In most cases it is a matter of months and sometimes several months. Thus it is far from certain that your complaint will have delaying effect in regard to admission.