Apply with exam

You need a qualifying exam to be eligible for admission.

In a Danish context a qualifying exam is at the level of Upper Secondary Education at level 4 in the European Qualification Framework.

In addition you also need proficiency in English equal to the Danish level English B.
We do not require a certain grade point average in your qualifying exam.
If you do not hold a qualifying exam, you can apply for a dispensation. Please see our section on this topic.

What is a qualifying exam?
If you have passed one of the below mentioned exams, you can apply for admission:

  • Danish "Studentereksamen" (stx), Danish "Højere forberedelseseksamen" (hf) uden overbygning, Danish "Højere handelseksamen" (hhx), Danish "Højere teknisk eksamen" (htx)
  • Danish "Studiekompetencegivende eksamen i forbindelse med erhvervsuddannelse" (eux)
  • Similar exams from Faroe Islands and Greenland and exams from "Duborg-Skolen" and "A.P. Møller Skolen"
  • Danish "Gymnasiale indslusningskurser for fremmedsprogede" (GIF)
  • Danish/French Baccalauréat (DFB), European Baccalauréat (EB), International Baccalauréat (IB) or Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB), Danish-German "studentereksamen" (DIAP)
  • Foreign exams, etc. recognized in Denmark as equivalent to a qualifying exam including exams from other EU countries and from EEA countries
  • Vocational Education and Training (relevant erhvervsuddannelse) at level 4 in EQF which is relevant to the Crafts programme.

Finishing secondary school this year?
If you complete your qualifying exam after 15 March and before 5 July, you need to list it in your application on Once you have passed your exam, you must upload your diploma for your application on The deadline for this is 5 July at 1200 CET.

Do you hold a foreign degree?
or if in doubt whether it is qualifying, you can examine it in the exam handbook at: Look under your country and go to the "Examinations". For selected countries/examinations, you can also see instructions below. The instructions are in Danish only, and primarily for Nordic countries.

KADK offers pre-assessments of foreign high school diplomas before 1 February. Mail us your diploma as early as possible to
After 1 February we cannot offer pre-assements.

Apply early
We recommend that you create an application on as early as possible. Only in this way are we able to help, if your exam does not meet our requirements or documentation is missing.

International diplomas

Do you hold a foreign diploma ?

As a rule your qualification must be on a level with a Danish upper secondary school leaving certificate or higher. European Qualification Framework, level 4.

KADK assesses all international diplomas according to guidelines issued by the Danish Ministry of Education and Science.
For upper secondary certificates from some countries, entry to Danish higher education requires that you complete one year (or in certain cases two years) of higher education or equivalent supplementary studies in addition to the certificate.
We cannot adress all international exams on our website. We advice all apllicants to apply on as early as possible. Only this ways we may be able to help and guide you.
Most diplomas from the Nordic countries gives access.

Please notice that in addition to your qualifying exam you also need proof of proficiency in English equalling to the Danish level B.





Rudolf Steiner - do you hold an exam from a Rudolf Steiner school?

Steiner schools in some countries issue national diplomas with grades.

Steiner schools in some countries issue extended assessment in writing without grades.

If you hold a national Steiner diploma with grades, your diploma is regarded as qualifying if it meets the requirements in your country, and you apply with a qualifying exam (see this section).

If you hold a written assessment from 12 years in school without grades (most Danish schools and a few foreign ones), you must apply for a special kind of dispensation.

You apply for the dispensation by uploading your assessment (vidnesbyrd) on You need not fill in a form, upload CV or similar.

Please do not forget to make a check mark under "special permit/alternative background.
The KADK Admission team offers pre-assements of Steiner exams during the fall (from 1 August to 1 February).

Faroe Islands and Greenland - special notice

Do you hold a diploma from Greenland or the Faroe Islands?

As a rule upper secondary leaving certificates (diplomas) from Greenland and the Faroe Islands makes you eligible for admission without additional requirements. However all applicants for Crafts in Glass and Ceramics must proof English at level B.

Faroe Islands:
The Danish grading scale was applied recently, which means that most certificates must be converted. This is done at KADK according to ministrial guidelines.

Exam results from the Faroe Islands can not be accessed by KADK by computer/database. This means that you have to upload your diploma at

If KADK has any doubt regarding your average grading point, we follow instructions given by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Exam results from Greenland can not be accessed by KADK by computer/database. This means that you have to upload your diploma at

All applicants must follow the same admission procedure. This means that you cannot apply for admission in the Crafts programme via the Greenlandic/Danish agreement, and the reason is that all applicants must follow the same admission procedure involving a home assigment and - if invited - an entrance exam/admission test.
Our requirement are not met in full until you have done a home assignment and admission test at the required level for the year of application.