Apply without exam

Do you need a dispensation for qualifying exam?
Application deadline 15 March, 12.00 CET.

This section is relevant only to applicants for the Crafts programme who do not hold a qualifying exam.

Who can apply?

If you do not have a qualifying exam, you are allowed to apply for a dispensation. For the Crafts programme a diploma from the following is considered qualifying:

  • Danish General Upper Secondary School (12 years) or the equivalent from abroad.
  • Vocational education and training as a glass blower or a potter or the equivalent from abroad.

The qualifying exam must be on level 4 in the European Qualification Framework.

If granted dispensation you can apply for admission on equal terms with your fellow applicants. 

Applicants who hold a diploma from a Steiner school without grades (predominantly Danish applicants) must also apply for a dispensation. However they just need to upload their school diploma on the application portal There is no need to fill in application form etc.


What is important to KADK?

When applying for a dispensation, you must show us - and document - that you have prepared for the Crafts programme by following a different path. You must show us that you have acquired competencies that can substitute the competencies usually acquired through Upper Secondary School or vocational training and education.

For the Dispensation Board to assess your application you must meet the requirements listed below. The Board will consider your application as a balanced display of your competencies, qualifications and preparation for the study of Glass and/or Ceramics.

Minimum requirements:
1) Academic competencies in combination with work experience. Academic qualifications in the following subjects: 1) Your first language and literature, 2) English and 3) Mathematics. You must prove competencies to the level equivalent to the Danish levels: First language and literature level A (highest level), English level B, and Mathematics level C. In addition to the school subjects you must proof relevant work experience.

2) Competencies from vocational education and training lower than EQF 4 in combination with work experience. The vocational training should be within the fields of glass blowing or pottery or an artistic craft close to these fields. In addition to your vocational training you must proof relevant work experience.
Please notice that work experience from internship during vocational education does not count as work experience.

Besides your competencies you must show us: 

Artistic qualifications or craftsmanship: you must attach a small portfolio (4 A4 sheets) with your own works. The works can range from artistic and designrelated works to examples of craftsmanship and vocational training. Craftsmen or artisans might show photos or drawings that features the focus of the training and personal strong points.


Your application must enclose the following:

  • A completed application form (attachment below).
  • A letter of motivation (max. ½ page)
  • A CV/resumé telling us what you have done instead of finishing a qualifying exam. Please list all educations and training (finished as well as on-going), courses and work experience (max. 2 pages).
  • Documentation for the contents of your CV. Competencies as well as work experience.
  • Examples of artistic qualifications or craftsmanship (max. 4 pages)

Application form and guide:

KADK has attached a guide that tells you how we want you to assemble your application. Please follow the instructuions.

On the application portal: you must remember to indicate to us that you apply with an background alternative to an accepted qualifying exam. Sometimes it is also referred to as "special permit" or "application on a different basis".