Step 1: Home Assignment

Home assignment 2020 (Download here)

The home assignment for 2020 will be published 20 February 2020.

Your work must be digital and uploaded to a portal.

You will receive a link to the portal 18 March 2020.

Your file must be uploaded by 20 March at 12.00 CET.

Only applicants who have applied for admission on the application portal before 15 March 12.00 CET, will receive a link to the portal to which you can upload your work.


Q&As about the home assignment

Questions and answers from wich all applicants might benefit wil be uploaded here on a daily basis. From 8 March we will not answer more questions.

Home assignment - aims and objectives

Your assignment must show us your talent and potential for becoming and working as a designer and craftsman, and the assignment must enable us to select the applicants most suited for admission test and interview.

We have approx. 16-18 study places on the Crafts programme at Bornholm, and we will invite a suitable number of applicants for admissions test. The exact number will be decided mid April.

Your assignment will be assessed by two staff members at KADK..

Deadline, file format and name

Deadline, file format and file name

Your file must be uploaded digitally on a portal.

We will mail you a link to the portal by 18 March 2020.

Your file must be uploaded by 20 March 12.00 CET.

Only applicants, who have applied for admission on the application portal by 15 March 12.00 CET wil receive a link to the portal by mail.
Applicants who have applied for admission after deadline will not be considered eligible for admission.

Requirements regarding format, layout and file name will appear from the aasignment text.

We need to emphasize that it is your responsibility, that your file meets our requirements. Therefore we recommend, that you check your file before uploading. Allow time for it!

What happens after 15 March?

Schedule 15-20 March

The Admission team at KADK register all applicants on the application portal

All applicants, who have applied before deadline, will receive a mail with a link to the portal on which the assignment must be uploaded.

The window for uploading is 18-20 March 12.00 CET. You will receive a receipt for correctly uploaded file by mail.

If your file is uploaded incorrectly or if there seems to be technocal problems with it, you will be given a short deadline to upload correctly. 1 - 2 hours.

Applicants who have uploaded after deadline or not uploaded at all, will be noticed that they are no longer eligible for admission.

20 March and after

All design proposals are assessed. we have set three days aside for assessments.

Mid April (see Important deadlines) you will receive a mail with your scores. Shortly after you will receive an invitation to test days if yu are among the applicants with the highest scores.

The Admissionteam works as fast as possible. Some applicants are impatient, and we fully understand the reasons and needs, but control and double check is a priority of ours in order to make sure that 1) we can mail all applicants simultaneously and that 2) we mail the right information in the best possible way. We hope that you can accept this.