Danish Government Scholarships

The Danish Government Scholarships under the Cultural Agreements are aimed at highly qualified exchange students wishing to immerse themselves in studies of the Danish language and culture or other fields of study related to Denmark.

Scholarships are offered to exchange students from higher education institutions in the following countries:

  • Brazil, China, Egypt, Japan, Republic of Korea and Russia

Scholarships are only available to exchange students (i.e., students from schools with whom KADK has an exchange agreement) enrolled in master studies at higher education institutions in the above countries. Bachelor students who have studied Danish for a minimum of two years may also apply. Scholarships are not available to students applying for full master programmes.

Scholarships are only available to exchange students applying for the autumn semester or full academic year. It is not possible to apply for the spring semester.

Application Process

To apply for the scholarship, you will need to send the your application to the relevant organisation in your country. Please see the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s website for the application form and more details, including where to send your application:


The application deadline is 1 March for the coming academic year (starting 1 September).