KADK unites three fields of knowledge: academic research, artistic research and professional practice as three different ways to discover, invent and create.

These three fields are closely interlinked in the education, enabling us to develop graduates and knowledge, which match the needs of the profession, while contributing world-class research, ground-breaking artistic design and new experimental understanding. Our knowledge base gives KADK a unique position among educational and research institutions both in Denmark and abroad

Academic research

KADK’s education is based on academic research, which delivers results, making our lives and solutions more intelligent, enlightened and future-proof.

Artistic research

We work with artistic research as an integrated artistic process, which leads to new results, reflections and concrete forms, adding new knowledge to the society.

Professional practice

Professional practice is the hallmark of our approach to education. We involve our users directly in the form of commercial PhDs and teachers; we work on projects and the submission of concrete proposals; and many of our students foster their skills through practical internships both in Denmark and abroad.

At KADK the three approaches are supported by a unique learning environment, in which project teaching, theoretical teaching, workshops and laboratories are all vital basic elements, all helping to shape the architects, designers and conservators of tomorrow.

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