Find an intern

Does your company need a breath of fresh air? Are you ready to invite new skills in? The majority of KADK’s students take an internship. A KADK intern will guarantee the development of new ideas and skills to benefit both your company and our students. 

Our students are in great demand as interns throughout the world. We want to match this demand with a flexible internship scheme, where our students, early on in their education, can get involved professionally and provide creative tools, knowledge and skills for private and public companies and organisations.

Because our students apply for their own internships, we cannot guarantee to match a specific candidate with a specific company. But we build bridges, so companies and students can find each other. 

“As a company we have benefited greatly from having interns. They have a positive and inspiring effect on projects and project teams and bring a fresh approach and fresh eyes to design, to the profession and to our products as a whole”
Mette Bundgaard Nielsen
Manager of Product & Marketing Development, LEGO SYSTEM A/S

Ready for an intern?

Our students gain experience from your professional world, and you get:

  • A major contribution to tackling specific projects from professionally qualified students
  • Increased recruitment opportunities among the most skilled architecture, design and conservation graduates
  • Additional committed and well-trained manpower
  • Access to the latest knowledge, analyses and methods from the world of education and research

How to get an intern

If you would like one of our students as an intern, your company must provide a staff member to be responsible for the intern. You sign an internship agreement so that both you and our students have a good foundation for the internship.

In order to be approved for an internship, it is a prerequisite that professional tasks are stipulated and that you provide professional discussion and feedback.

Send us a proposal

Make a proposal, in which you:

1) describe your company

2) outline the tasks the student will tackle and

3) let us know when you need to use an intern

Send us an internship proposal so we can advertise it on our internship noticeboard.

Contact our Internship Coordinator