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Are you ready to take in new competences? An internship with a KADK student can help develop new ideas in your organization and gives you knowledge and inspiration from the Academic world.

NB! The deadline for posting internships for architectural students in spring 2020 is overdue. From September you can post internships for the spring semester 2021.

KADK students do internships as part of their education. An Internship is a credit rewarding component of the programmes at KADK and like other parts of the education, the internship has learning outcomes. The internship gives the students an opportunity to gain practical experience and test the competences they have gained through their education.

The students from Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Design must do an internship in the spring semester. If you have work assignments in the autumn semester, you can consider posting a job at the KADK BOARD for a newly graduated bachelor or for a student looking for a student job. 

Internship period: Bachelor of Architecture
The students from Bachelor of Architecture do an internship in their 6th semester (spring). The internship period is four months and must start 3th of February and end no later than 31st of May. In the first two weeks of June, the students must participate in a full time course at KADK and they will do their exams in the final week of June. 

Internship period: Bachelor of Design
The students from Bachelor of Design do an internship in their 6th semester (spring). The internship period is between four and five months and must end no later than 30th of June. In week 6 (3th to 7th of February 2019) the students must participate in a full time course at KADK. Students must submit an internship report on 15th of June and in the final week of June they will do their exams at KADK. 

Can you get an intern from KADK?
Our students can do an internship both in traditional workplaces within the design and architecture business, but also in other companies, organizations and public institutions, who see opportunities in using architectural and design competences. 

Requirements and responsibilities for the internship host
If you would like to have an intern from KADK, you must ensure that the intern gets the opportunity to work on assignments relevant to his / her education. In addition, the internship host must provide a supervisor who is responsible for facilitating professional discussions with the intern and for ensuring that the intern receives relevant design/architecture related feedback.

Before the commencement of the internship, KADK, the internship host and the student set up a contract describing the agreed work assignments for the intern and the internship period. 

Salary and SU
Internships are always unpaid but SU eligible. However, the internship host is allowed to give the intern a gratuity of up to DKK 3000 per month. In addition, the student may receive reimbursement for documented expenses during the internship, for example for transport, rent and telephone.

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