Important deadlines

Not all deadlines for the admission 2019 have been settled yet. Byt we can tell you abou the following: 

30 January 
Open House at KADK (at Holmen Campus, Copenhagen)

1 February
The internet portal is lauched, and you can start your application. It is possible to upload documents continuously up til the deadline which is March 15 at 12 CET.

15 February
Home assignment 2019 is published. At the same time we set up a Q&A for the assignment.

15 March, 1200 CET
Deadline for application on and upload of required documents. The internet portal is closed for access.
Deadline for upload of home assignment on

5-6 May
Admissions test for Architecture at Holmen Campus in Copenhagen

11-12 May
Admission test and interview for Craft and Design at Holmen Campus in Copenhagen.

5 July, 1200 CET
Your deadline for uploading documents on The portal closes, and the admission course is ended. Unless you have an appointment with us it is possible to submit ducuments after deadline.

End of July
You will receive a mail from us with an offer of study or offer of standby-place. Note if you dont get admitted you will not receive an email from KADK.

5  August
Your deadline for accepting an offer of study or standby-place.