Institute of

Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape

The objective is a higher quality of life and an improvement of the city's and society's connection and cultural self-perception.

Short about Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape

At the Institute of Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape, in terms of scale we tackle the full spectrum. From the design of the district child care centre to the planning of university campuses in academic cities. From the layout of an exhibition venue or green area to the strategy for an entire region’s experience economy. From the individual old people’s home to the development of a town with an enormously diverse population. The challenges range from global urbanisation, climate change and scarcity of resources to the growing need for mobility and flexibility. The goal is a better quality of life and the enhancement of the town’s/society’s cohesion and cultural sense of self. Holistic solutions to major issues in society.

Institute of Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape


Our graduates will have to make proposals about tomorrow's welfare society – in the form of anything from housing, hospitals and cultural buildings to cities and infrastructure