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The laboratory is the center of student testing and studies
Research collaboration with the Glyptotek: We collaborate with museums, organizations and companies across the world.
"83 per cent. of all conservators say that the best thing about the job of a conservator is: That you use your head and hands"

Short about Conservation

The School of Conservation educates conservators and conducts research, which contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage. We aim to be one of the leading schools of conservation in the world. Through research and collaboration with other conservation programmes and conservation institutions we enhance and promote the subject both nationally and internationally. The School of Conservation aims to be a dynamic partner in the preservation of our global cultural heritage. Conservation is like surgery: a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical craft.

The School of Conservation is one of KADK’S seven institutes. Hence its title: the Institute of Conservation. 

Institute of Conservation

Institute of Conservation

We handle the conservation of cultural heritage and natural heritage in Denmark – of anything from small silver coins to huge murals in Danish churches. We help unravel the origin of specific items – for instance, we can see from the blue colour in a mural painting in a church in Jutland that it comes from Afghanistan and has probably travelled via Venice to Denmark.

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