About the Institute of Conservation

The Institute of Conservation has been incorporated into KADK’s new academic structure, which consists of seven institutes. The “institute” is identical to the School of Conservation, so now has the status both of a school and a institute. That means that the Director of the School of Conservation now assumes a dual role as head of subject and head of institute and participates in the management of KADK in both capacities. 

The purpose of the new academic structure was to take a look across the schools and strengthen the interdisciplinary environments. For example, this has resulted in the creation of a new joint institute for the School of Architecture and the School of Design. By contrast, the School of Conservation had a particular scale of organisation and a specialised subject area, so it was not expedient to divide it into several institutes. Moreover, the curricular structure of the School of Conservation was already organised into courses, which resemble the new academic programmes, which the six other institutes initiated on 1 September 2014. So the new institute has not undergone a major transformation in the transition to the new joint academic structure.

You can read more about the Department of Conservation/School of Conservation’s academic programmes and research below.