Research in Conservation

The goal of the School of Conservation is to create a national centre for the development of professional conservation through education, research and professional collaboration.

Our mission is to produce graduates and create knowledge to shape our future and cultural heritage, graduates who, via the School of Conservation’s special field of knowledge, will contribute to KADK’s unique link between research, practice and art. As part of an artistic and professionally oriented academy, we aim to provide research at a high international level in close contact with the industry and the professions, for which we educate our students.

The objective of research at the School of Conservation is to provide a basis for our research-based education and its continuous development in cooperation and positive competition with foreign educational programmes in conservation.

At the same time, the School of Conservation aims at contributing necessary research and development to support applied conservation and preservation in Denmark and in other fields within cultural and natural heritage, where the School’s research is relevant.

"Research at The School of Conservation has the scope and quality nescessary for it to be characterized as an institution of higher education within the area of conservation and restoration. In many areas the research is clearly up to the highest international level ... "
Evaluation of the Research at the School of Conservation
Report 2000