External collaborative activities

We are members of research networks, e.g.: CBS (Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy); the University of Copenhagen (Art & Culture, Anthropolgy, “Waterworlds”); Lund University; niversity College London; Universität Basel; ETH Zürich; Max Planck Institut; RMIT; London Metropolitan University; KULife; AAA; AHO; ETSAB/UPC in Barcelona; Hong Kong University etc.

We have Danish associates in the form of government and municipal stakeholders involved in the management and dissemination of cultural heritage, professional organisations and non-profit-making foundations, including Realdania and Dansk Bygningsarv. Another goal is to develop business partnerships with manufacturers, who, for example, deploy sustainable technologies in their work on conservation-worthy buildings, or with practices, whose approach is relevant to the Institute’s programmes.

”At the architectural firm Praksis, we work primarily with additions to and transformations of existing buildings. Understanding the significance of places, the history of architecture and knowledge of materials’ possibilities are essential, and for this reason, the new Institute of Architecture and Culture will also contribute positively to the qualification of architects who have exactly these skills. Students from the new institute will be able to work with complex issues and have an even greater understanding of the cultural context in which they create. To our firm, this will mean fruitful knowledge sharing with both interns and eventually excellent architects whom we get the chance to employ."
Mads Bjørn Hansen, Architect MAA and Owner of Praksis Architects